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spiritual heritage tour in uzbekistan 


Join our group discovery experience in Uzbekistan. We plan to cover an exciting journey with a promises to stretch our horizon with graceful beauty into Eastern Islamic tradition & culture, from the heavens down to the ground, through an unsurpassable world of Mystic & Artistic livelihood.

Stretch your horizon into a graceful beauty, Eastern Islamic tradition & culture, through an unsurpassable world of Mystic & Artistic livelihood.

"Local guide throughout, high-speed trains, private coach tours, daily meals and flight included?!! Enjoy our day by day plan, with a sample of our digital group itinerary private app to carry offline along with the group trip. "

Flights included from Istanbul & main European airports.




Price Includes:

We offer departure flights from main European cities or directly for you to connect from Istanbul. Our package contains a fully serviced and guided tour, in a way to contain and deliver our service to the listed schedule seeking to offer a good balance in standard, value & cost.

Flights included from multiple origins.

London, Paris, Madrid, Frankfurt, Rome, Istanbul, or your custom selection of airport departure flights will be included in your package price per person.


Daily Lunch & Dinner Meals Included

Daily meals are pre-arranged for our group tours, whether private or not. Every meal is a new journey of exotic flavours to the common western traveller, taking us beyond the food into it’s tradition and culture.


High Speed Train Connections

The new High Speed Train connections between Tashkent and Bukhara and furhter Samarkand will optimize our travel time allowing for added time at each location, not to mention the nicer travel standards.

Private Group Bus City Tours

Private bus transfers, city connections and introductory city tours.

Onboard Local Tour Guide & travel assistant, from arrival to departure.

Our Tour Manager will be onboard with you from arrival welcome to departure, introducing you to every item on our day by day program in Uzbekistan, easing the way and solving any logistics or travel matters before they arise.

Digital Itinerary Travel Plan to follow up, along with the schedule, and talk to the group .

Our latest positive innovation to the trip standards is to include a group tour Travel Plan Itinerary application for the group to be aware of the program, via offline day by day plan & details, while also allowing for online group chat between the group participants and managers. You literally have us and the entire trip plan in your pocket now!

keep tuned?

Give us a quick line telling us f you are a single traveller, a family or larger group and your desired date range, if flexible or not, and also your specific departure airport choice. We will follow up rapidly from there, informing you upon any group departure that you can hook onto, or producing a custom built package for you at our best standards. Thank you!

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